SONAD is a breakthrough tool for TV and radio networks and retail stores to advertise and interact directly with consumers by using proprietary audio barcode technology.


SONAD responds to consumers' need to interact with the ads they see and hear, and also responds to the need of TV/radio broadcasters and advertisers to engage consumers in real time!


On iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, SONAD works across platforms while consumers watch TV, listen to the radio in their cars, at home, or in the office, as they shop in malls, stores and showrooms, or attend public events - they will never again miss an exclusive deal or important information.


SONAD closes the gap between old and new media advertising by providing consumers with a real-time shopping experience from many businesses and retailers - all conveniently accessible via a single app.

Individual Customers

•  Make purchases while watching TV and listening to radio advertisements

•  Redeem on-the-spot discounts

•  Purchase items on sale

•  Order tickets during movie previews

•  Respond to calls for action during radio/TV shows and podcasts

•  Vote or respond to polls and questionnaires

•  Request immediate personal assistance while in store

•  Obtain a personal audio bar code for your personal Social Hub

•  Turn on your SONAD as you shop, listen to radio, or watch TV – WHEREVER

TV and Radio Broadcasters and Advertisers

•  Collect analytics on audience engagement

•  Poll audience for live feedback

•  Test ads and promotions in real time

•  White-label SONAD's proprietary audio bar-code (ABC) technology

•  Convert flat ads into dynamic and engaging interactive

   smartphone experiences

•  Create a second-screen experience for radio listeners

•  Double-load radio and TV bandwidth in 24/7 advertisement

•  Shorten airtime by embedding contact information into message

•  Leverage cross-platform advertising

•  Advertise to SONAD users as they shop, listen to radio, or watch TV – WHENEVER


Stores and Malls

•  Deliver inaudible ads and promotions in stores, malls, and showrooms

•  Create ads and announcements mall-wide tailored to specific stores

•  Broadcast your own in-store ads at no cost

•  Display QR and bar-codes on smartphones for use at checkout

•  Customize ads and promotions in real time for walk-in customers

•  Provide on-the-spot assistance to customers

•  Advertise to your SONAD-empowered visitors as they shop – ALWAYS




Liba holds a B.A. in English Literature from City University. She is proficient in competitive intelligence, has a proven track record working on communications programs for products at various stages of the lifecycle, and manages a broad range of product and market-related issues. Liba is instrumental in developing communications materials for SONAD application.


Lev holds PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Kazakh State University, Kazakhstan. His interests range from nuclear nonproliferation to nuclear safety code development to digital signal analysis. Lev is the initiator of the SONAD app development.


Michael has a bachelor’s degree in the Science of Management from Tulane University and a MS from University of Southern California. He is the developer behind SONAD for iPhone and iPad. He is an expert in front-end and back-end development as well as user experience.

LEV Neymotin

LIBA Kaplan

MICHAEL Kaminowitz


Ilya holds an MA in Architecture from Russian Ural State University of Architecture and Art. He provides support in designing the graphical and functional structure of the mobile applications.


Olesya holds an MA in Product design from Russian Ural State University of Architecture and Art and is a member of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design. She supervised all stages of SONAD development.


Stu holds a PhD from Queens College, CUNY in psychology and neurophysiology. As president of Informed Sources, a marketing consulting and database building company, Stu consulted with some of the largest consumer marketing companies in U.S. He was also the director of Marketing Decision Systems at DDB Needham Worldwide. Stu advises N5Digital on sales and marketing strategies.

OLESYA Saprykin

ILYA Saprykin

STU Goldberg


Samuel holds an MS in computer science from Columbia University and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from SUNY Downstate. His research focuses on computational neuroscience and signal processing. Samuel has extensive experience in software engineering and advises the SONAD developers on technology and data analysis.

SAMUEL Neymotin


Lawrence is Editor, MS in History and Literature. He provides research and technical support in development of the SONAD app.



Barak Speiser is a filmmaker who is most passionate about sharing inspiration with people and audiences. Both his work, and his interest in new technologies, are characterized by the common theme of helping improve people's lives from the inside out.

BARAK Speiser

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“SONAD is an exciting and new tool that allows advertisers to get in front of their audience at the same time they are exposed to TV or radio ads. As advertisers, we always strive to reach consumers across multiple touch points to reinforce the message, and SONAD is a great, and measureable way to do that.”

                                                                        Jennifer Lieberman,

                                                Digital Director, Solutions Marketing


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