What is SONAD?


SONAD is a revolutionary tool in the field of TV and radio advertising which allows TVs and radios to send special content directly to the smartphones of viewers and listeners. Using an all-new audio barcode technology, SONAD gives advertisers the ability to embed special offers into their existing audio tracks, and gives smartphone users the ability to pick up these offers and reap their rewards.

How does it work?


SONAD is based on an audio barcode technology. First, a unique inaudible sound-code is created and embedded in any audio track. A corresponding SONAD app screen contains links, media, coupons, text and more. Once the audio track with an audio barcode is played back while the SONAD smartphone app is in hearing range, the app will pick up the code and display the corresponding screen.

See SONAD in action: Download our free app and keep it active as you replay the video above on your computer. You will receive live examples as you watch.


Get SONAD now for iPhone or Android smartphone or use the QR codes below.

Where  can SONAD be used?


Viewers and listeners will now be able to catch special offers from TV and radio commercials and shows, or virtually anything with an audio track. And advertisers and broadcasters will now be able to reach TV viewers and radio listeners on their smartphones by sending them special offers or content.


In a nutshell, SONAD can be applied to virtually any medium that includes an audio track. One example is a PA (public address) system. Imagine you’re walking in a store and you see a sign, "Download SONAD and tune in for special offers". Any store’s existing announcements can now be transformed into smartphone-ready announcements, with offers, prompts or coupons appearing directly on shoppers’ phones.

What are the benefits of advertising with SONAD-enabled ads?


Along with the opportunity to reach audiences where they pay most attention - their smartphones - a unique advantage offered by SONAD is analytics: SONAD allows advertisers track how their ad is performing with audiences.


SONAD provides a convenient access to the latest information to your favorite businesses and retailers along with exclusive deals - all in a single app.

our vision is a radically different way of advertising

for TV and Radio users – non-interrupting advertising



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