SONAD extends the format of traditional broadcasting and content delivery by augmenting the flow of information by unlimited resources residing on the internet. All this information, including textual, video, graphics, and sound, is made available to the SONAD users seamlessly, in real time and contextualized with any program – radio, TV, public address system, live or pre-recorded, or delivered via internet or print media.


At the receiving end, the users will be able to freely select the most desirable content offered by the SONAD app, thus enriching their individual experience.


For the content producers, SONAD offers a broad range of opportunities for providing content and, at the same time discover the audience’s likes and preferences in their programs or advertisements. Sonas can also provide guidance and information assistance in emergency situations for users in malls, stores, shopping plazas, large meetings and conferences, or sporting events.


SONAD app can be used in an unlimited range of areas both in public and commercial domains such as education, business and social environment, entertainment, transportation, and advertising.



In illustrating possible applications of SONAD in different areas, we focused less on the technical specifics of the SONAD Platform, and more on what it brings to the table for you, a content distributer, application area by application area. And how. In this context, the content distributer is an entity conveying exclusive information to audience.


Importantly, we will focus only on how our methods enhance effectiveness of your outreach in the public and media sectors as well as in the marketing and advertising, increasing your bottom line.


Obviously, as techies, we do not claim to know nuances of your particular business or broadcasting environment. We will nevertheless try to look at SONAD through your eyes assuming you are

• Advertiser or advertising executive,

• Organizer of a trade show,

• Editor of a printed magazine, newspaper, or any periodical

• Organizer of a conference or public event,

• Owner of a mall or shopping plaza.




So, you designed a great ad.

Aired it on radio dozens of times.

Ran it on TV.

Now what?

Did people listen?

Did they watch?

Did they respond?


Ask yourself this basic question: After my ad plays, what stays with the listener or viewer? Perhaps a few images and a vague recollection – nothing tangible to come back to, nothing to get engaged on the spot… it’s very unlikely that people remembered that telephone number, or the email address, or the obscure site name…


Now ask these questions:

• Can I use the time I’m buying from broadcasters better?

• Can I supercharge my ads with additional content, making them more effective?

• Can I leave any actionable information with my audience?  In other words, can my message, information, or offers would stay on their phones AFTER the sound of my ad faded away and the images from the screen disappeared?


SONAD’s answers: yes, yes, and yes!


The first yes – better use of time. When you play your ad over radio or TV, the audience hears your ad, and SONAD on the user’s phone receives plenty additional and relevant to your ad info. Same ad duration – more promotion material delivered to the potential customer.


The second yes – more content. The info package (called sona) delivered to the phone concurrently with the live ad will contain unlimited volume of multimedia information – text, documents, images, audio clips, and videos. Selection and volume of the information will be determined only by you, not us.


The third yes – lifetime of the advertisement. The sona delivered to the phone will stay there indefinitely, so the user can get to it any time. Reviewing the sona, the user can read the product or service description, view a demo video, contact you directly, request info, or place an order. And again, and again!


Importantly, you can update the sona content from your PC any time. With a small investment of your time in preparing the sona (a matter of minutes – give it a try), you multiplied effectiveness of your ad: for the same price delivered a more effective ad!


Here is a summary of what you can do as a broadcaster for your clients - advertisers.


You have a major trade show or conference to run, with hundreds of vendors and tens of thousands of visitors a day. One of your objectives is to provide a smooth transfer of information from the vendors to the visitors. Huge amounts of digital information in different formats: text and documents, presentations, promotional videos and demos, and audio and graphics materials, we can call this vendor packs.


The traditional printed brochures will not do. Neither will USBs, cumbersome and ineffective almost as inefficient as those old CD long gone… What remains, in our view is the smartphones of the visitors, thousands of pieces of multimedia information and a platform like SONAD designed to provide you with a simple and convenient conduit for handling all that information.


Here is the suggested scenario. The organizer or vendor can become fluent in the SONAD Platform quickly, and SONAD will provide assistance on the way via a web seminar or blog.

• Vendors identify all the digital materials they want to transmit to the visitors – vendor packs. Vendor packs could be collections of information about the product or services OR electronic business cards with POC information

• Vendor packs are arranged as SONAD sonas by the vendors using our simple web-based tool. Once the vendors pack is ready, it should take extremely short time to get sonas; a typical sona may take from a few tens of minutes to one hour

• As part of the previous step, for each sona our SONAD tool will automatically create a set including a unique sound code and a QR – one set for each sona

• During the show, the sound codes will be used for transmitting sonas to visitors giving presentations or via show’s PA system

• The sonas’ QRs will be used for transmitting the same sonas to the visitors’ phones using a SONAD QR scanner

• Sonas can be easily modified on the spot by their creator if information changes

• SONAD can be effectively used for vendor-to-vendor exchanges swapping their product/services sonas and electronic business card sonas

• Organizers, as SONAD customers will use distribute sonas carrying show information both to vendors and visitors

• Organizers will provide an interface between the vendors and SONAD

• SONAD will provide all the technical assistance both to the organizers and vendors in creating an managing their sonas.


Here is a summary of what you can do as a trade show organizer for your clients – vendors and visitors.


Since a major funding for the publication comes from advertising commercial products and services, circulation and effectiveness of the published ads reflect directly on the bottom line. Since the circulation is mainly determined by the timeliness and quality of the published material that is under the editor’s control, you are the major influencer. It is the effectiveness of the ads is where SONAD can help.


Here is the composition of a typical printed ad: description of the product, claim about its superiority over competing products, and a combination of telephone number, email address, and website address.


SONAD-empowered ad will include a special QR: scanning it by the SONAD app will allow your reader an access to a huge amount of digital information in different formats: text and documents, presentations, promotional videos and demos, and audio and graphics materials – all related directly to the product, all actionable, including POC and links, and available from a single phone screen.


By placing SONAD QRs on your pages you will transform your publication from a for-your-eyes-only information distributor to a multi media content distributor. Overnight!


The process of doing it to your printed publication can be done in a few simple steps. SONAD will provide your advertisers with all assistance they may need until they take it over, and quickly – the process is very simple!

• Advertisers prepare all the digital materials they want to transmit to the readers – advertiser packs. A pack could be collections of information about the advertised products or services and electronic business cards with POC information

• The packs are arranged as SONAD sonas by the advertisers or their agents by using our simple web-based tool. Note: once the pack is ready, it should take extremely short time to create associated sonas; a typical sona may take from a few tens of minutes to one hour

• As part of the previous step, SONAD tool will create a unique QR ready for insertion into the printed ad

• The reader scans the SONAD QR and gets all the text and documents, presentations, promotional videos and demos, and audio and graphics materials included in the sona

• Importantly, sonas can be easily modified on the spot by the advertiser, any time as soon as the information needs to be changed

• SONAD will provide all the technical assistance to the advertisers and their agents in creating and managing their sonas. The learning time is very short and the process becomes DIY if so desired by the advertiser.


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