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Download SONAD from the App Store or Google Play

and do some testing using the advertisement examples

After you download and install the SONAD app on your iPhone or Android device, take it for a test run: play on your computer the makeup examples of video and audio advertisements, with their audio tracks carrying the inaudible SONAD audio bar codes. Once the ads appear on the screen of your phone, each in its own blinking circle, do some exploration.




Examples including makeup ads prepared for nonprofit organizations that raise funds for supporting their free services to public.

Examples including  makeup commercials to show the format and possible content of advertisements for broadcasting over TV and radio.

“SONAD is an exciting and new tool that allows advertisers to get in front of their audience at the same time they are exposed to TV or radio ads. As advertisers, we always strive to reach consumers across multiple touch points to reinforce the message, and SONAD is a great, and measureable way to do that.”

                                                                        Jennifer Lieberman,

                                                Digital Director, Solutions Marketing



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