SONAD: Mobile App and Technology


SONAD is a mobile iPhone/Android app that uses proprietary audio barcode technology for advertising on mobile phones.


SONAD technology allows advertisers and broadcasters to embed inaudible data in audio and audio/visual streams and use the regular sound track of TV, radio, or any sound based programming, or public announcements for delivering complex digital advertising content directly to smartphones, engaging customers in real time!


As a result, SONAD users will never miss a number to call, email address, website, or an exclusive offer – as they watch TV, listen to radio, shop, or enjoy the games at stadiums or public events.

SONAD's Place in the World of Advertisement



•  Broadcast content directly to smartphones.

•  Collect engagement analytics.

•  Test response to promotions in real time.


•  Create an actionable second-screen experience.

•  Deliver contextualized TV and radio advertising via inaudible sound codes.

•  Make listening and watching a dynamic and engaging smartphone experience.

•  Leverage cross-platform advertising.


•  Embed codes with contextualized information into sound tracks

Public Arenas, Trade Shows, Shopping Malls, Stores

•   Reach more customers while advertising at malls, stores, showrooms, or during public events.

•  Create SONAD content and announcements mall-wide and tailored to specific stores.

•  Send coupons – QRs, barcodes or text – to smartphones for use at checkout.

•  Aim customized advertising at walk-in customers.

•  Provide customers with on-the-spot  help or  Inform customers during emergency situations.

Individual Consumers

•  Respond to promotions and make purchases while watching TV and listening to radio.

•  Redeem on-the-spot discounts.

•  Order tickets during movie previews.

•  Quickly respond to “first-to-call promotions” during radio/TV shows, podcasts, or arena events.

•  Vote or respond to audio-based polls and questionnaires.

•  Call for help  while shopping  or during emergency.

To see SONAD in action, download, install and start the app.


Use the links on your phone for iPhone or Android or scan the QR codes below.


SONAD Installation


Sign up using your email address and password.

Login by using your Sign-up information. The star revolving around the SONAD logo will indicate that the app is up.

Synchronize the app with its database by clicking the icon with two circular arrows

at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

After you install the app, play and watch the above video on your computer, as several contextualized examples will appear on your phone.

Please read the app's descriptions and familiarize yourself with its menus and functions.

ZiPPR Fleet is a simple relaxation game that is included in the SONAD app. Familiarize yourself with the game by clicking  "Intro" on its opening screen and reading description and instructions.  Optionally, the game can use the photos on your phone ("CAMERA" on the side menu).

SONAD: Single App Working for All Advertisers


SONAD allows any advertiser to reach, and cross-reach their audiences where they pay most attention - their smartphones. It also gives the customers a convenient access to the latest information about products and businesses, along with exclusive deals - all in a single app.

our vision is a radically different way of advertising

for TV and Radio users – non-interrupting advertising



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