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Once SONAD is installed on your smartphone, start and register it using your name/email information. When the app activates, you will see a screen with a star orbiting the SONAD logo indicating that the SONAD is ready to receive ads and messages carrying the embedded SONAD audio bar codes.


The side-bar panel provides access to the SONAD's main functions. This panel opens by swiping across the screen or tapping the MENU icon. To become familiar with SONAD's functions and terminology, tap the SONAD logo at the bottom of the panel: that will get you to the INFO screen. Tap "Instructions" and review various screens and explanations. Also tap "Buttons" and take a look at the various buttons used throughout the app.  This quick tour will give you enough information to start using SONAD effectively.


You can also create our personal electronic card, SPak/Social Hub which will allow you to launch any of your social interactions conveniently, from a single screen on your smartphone.


Advertising materials including text, graphics, and audio and video information related to the advertised product or service can be uploaded from the Submit Ad page.


Please contact us at info@sonad.io to get more information.



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