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Install SONAD

After Installation


Sign Up using your email address and password and then Login using that information.


When the app starts, you will see a screen with a star orbiting the SONAD logo. Now the app is listening to  the embedded inaudible audio barcodes.


The side-bar panel provides access to the SONAD's main functions. Open it by swiping across the screen or clicking on the MENU icon.


Click on the SONAD logo at the bottom of the side-bar panel to see SONAD's main functions and terminology, including Instructions and Buttons.


Advertising materials including text, graphics, and audio and video information related to the advertised product or service can be uploaded from the Submit Ad page or by contacting us directly.


Menus and Icons


•  Save ads you like by clicking the star in the top-right corner of the ad's screen. You can reach those ads any time from the side panel menu


•  Look at the History of the SONAD-embedded ads your phone "heard"


•  Scroll through and Search All deals offered by the SONAD-empowered advertisers


• Change Settings for Listening Volume - HIGH recommended, Vibrate/Sound, or Change Password


•  Click on the Globe icon on the top to send the app to the Listening Screen


•  Click on SONAD icon at the bottom of the Menu provides you with detailed information about the app


• PAUSE the app by clicking on the logo in the center of the screen. The app will enter the Stand-by mode and the mic picture will be crossed out. All other functions such as search, history, etc. will still be available


•  Synchronize the app with its database by clicking the icon with round arrows. We recommend to synchronize at every start-up.


Contact us at info@sonad.io for more information.



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