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SONAD allows its individual or commercial users to create SONAs for personal or business use, FREE.


A SONA is a collection of actionable information that is disseminated by playing a unique inaudible SONAD audio code blended with the traditional sound track. The SONAD audio codes can be created by you on the SONA Page, blended with a clip from your favorite song, and downloaded in a WAV audio format as a SONA. In a sense, this is an implementation of a concept & technology coming from the big-data world that is called sonification.



As a SONAD user, you can create your own SONAs on "My SONA" page. Your SONAs, both personal and commercial will serve as your personal or business profile designed for friends, business associates or created as an Electronic Business Card for distribution in business settings. Your SONA will include any POC and your social profile links and telephone, all actionable from a single screen on your telephone.

In the text area you can describe your interests, hobbies, or anything you want to share with your contacts.


Pressing ABOUT ME will play your WAV SONA code for your friend or business associates you are meeting. This will place your personal SONA or commercial on the screens of their phones if they are in the hearing distance from you.



SONAs carrying commercial information or advertisements can also be created using SONAD’s My SONA webpage. Please contact us at info@sonad.io for details. In a commercial SONA you can describe your product or service. All links including your business or personal site, social sites, etc. can be assigned to the icons surrounding the logo in the center.



You and your contacts will be able to exchange your personal SONAs using SONAD during face-to-face interactions, by sending them via brief short-distance inaudible sound communications or by playing a clip from your favorite song, not leaving a trace in the cyberspace – exactly as a traditional business card does, but much more conveniently and efficiently. The commercial SONAs will be structured and populated by information relevant to your products or services.



We provide you with capability to sonify your SONA information: express it as a 10-seconds clip taken from your favorite song or melody. That will allow you to play your SONA for someone else by pressing the ABOUT ME button on your phone screen. Your counterpart’s phone hears the clip carrying your SONA and allows him or her to display it on the screen, ready for action.



Beside playing it to someone else in your personal space within hearing distance, you can download your personal SONA in an WAV format, and distribute it to your friends and associates using SONAD, creating a small private community – no personal information stays on the internet for anonymous interception.



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