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SONAD ProHealth Project (SPP) Plan


Items (1) through (3) are included in the SPP plan for Spring 2019.

1. Develop a pitch deck for presenting proposal for SONAD testing at the ProHealth medical offices. Consider inclusion in the plan of the SBU WUSB-90.1 FM radio station.

2. Create sample SONAs supporting the pitch deck and demonstration.

3. Make a demo/presentation at ProHealth HQ and discuss possibility of using SONAD in its medical offices. Discuss establishment of the SONAD testing program at a local ProHealth medical office (LPMO).

4. Make a demo/presentation at the LPMO. Discuss the format of a SONAD testing program: content and schedule. Interview doctors and office managers: What are your needs in communicating info to your patients? Initiate  the conversation with discussing some of your  ideas, as a starter

5. Study operation of a selected LPMO and determine specific needs that SONAD can effectively address.

6. Develop ADDITIONAL services SONAD can provide for improving the office operation and services provided to the patients.

7. Develop strategy of addressing the identified needs.

8. Initiate a test program at the LPMO

9. Propose SONAD app modifications based on the LPMO test.

Project milestones, Progress and Accomplishments


1. SONAD ProHealth Project Team is assembled

2. First Information meeting held on February 28, 2019

3. Second Information meeting is scheduled for March 14, 2019

Implementation Elements and Techniques


1. Design and place SONAD-download posters on the reception room walls

2. Place printed materials in offices: brochures, posters

3. SONAs for ailments, procedures, medications, etc. will include text, guides, and links to info & multi-media

4. Contextualize SONAs: Run them in sync with what patients see on the CCTV screens and what is shown on the posters on the walls

5. Create and play SONAs providing office info and safety/emergency instructions

6. Play selected SONAs on CCTV silently or contextualized, with prior short announcements

7. SONA: ProHealth News of the Day (add new at the front of the “”Description” field to maintain the previous entries)

8. SONA: ProHealth medical advice of the day

9. SONA: New medications, medical devices or treatments

10. SONA: ProHealth information on procedures/follow-up advice

11. SONA: Chance bonus, such as a Free Visit/Other SONAs – personalized (using IDs of people who have appointments at that particular day)

12. SONA: Referrals to doctors in the network in adjacent medical fields

13. Communication to staff members (prizes, awards, etc.)

14. Personalized SONA: create SONAs designed for specific individuals; update and play them at the time of the individual’s visit

15. Distribute SONAs with professional profiles of the doctors associated with the office: Actionable Business Cards. Utilize the "ABOUT ME" SONAD app feature

16. Suggest patients to play SONAD’s ZiPPR game as the patients wait for the doctor

17. Various entertainment elements for patients

18. Utilize potential of the SBU WUSB-90.1 FM radio station

19. Utilize unique content distribution (when implemented in the SONAD app)



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