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TRADITIONAL BROADCASTING is a single-stream flow of information such as an audio produced by a talk show host or news anchor, a video, movie, concert, or lecture, etc., that is delivered to the ears and eyes of the listeners and viewers as a single video or audio information stream. This broadcasting format operates today as it did decades ago: digital technologies did not become a significant component of the traditional broadcasting, as it should. SONAD is offering an innovating approach to solve this problem both in live and pre-recorded broadcasts - Augmented Broadcasting Technology.


AUGMENTED BROADCASTING is a cross-platform technology allowing broadcasters to enrich experience of their listeners and viewers. Augmented broadcasting technology (ABT) is using the traditional audio track to deliver to the audience a co-current stream of contextualized content (SONAs) and deposit it on the user’s phones for an immediate or delayed use. SONAs are composed of text, images, calling capabilities, links, and digital content, all available to the phone user at a touch of a screen.




  • Enrich experience of broadcast listeners and viewers by bringing innovative digital technology to traditional broadcasting.
  • Enhance broadcasting by adding a second channel of information flow - introduce augmented broadcasting in content delivery and marketing.



"LEARN IN 5" EDUCATIONAL ELEMENT uses short audio presentations on narrow topics in various fields of science, engineering, and medicine, each lasting for up to 5 minutes, sci-tech-med snippets. The snippets are written in an intentionally simple language minimizing the use of technical jargon.


The snippets are prepared and recorded by faculty from different departments and schools across the university. The snippet authors can also be invited from outside of the university, for example from the Brookhaven National Laboratory.


To utilize the Augmented Broadcasting technology, each snipped is embedded with SONAs containing contextualized auxiliary information related to the subject, links, images, documents to download, and information about the author.


LEARN IN 5 snippets are played on the WUSB FM radio over the course of the day, preceded by short introductions, and followed by 5-10 Q&A sessions on air. Over time, the university will collect a library of sci-tech snippets in all areas of knowledge.


A learning sister program element,  INFORM IN 5 covers the campus, local, and world news, without interpretation or analysis. As in the educational element, the Augmented Broadcasting technology is using SONAs carrying auxiliary, contextualized with broadcasts information.


The LEARN IN 5 and INFORM IN 5 concept is easily copied to TV and Internet broadcasts, classrooms, and lecture halls.


The educational snippets can be integrated with any entertainment broadcasts and PA coverage of sports and public events:

  • Musical Programs. DJs will provide the listeners with lyrics and wide variety of information related to each piece of music played, con-currently.
  • Talk and TV Shows, ABT will provide the hosts with capability to augment the traditional program with auxiliary contextual information enriching the live presentations. Each SONA will have a dial-in button allowing a means for a quick call-in.
  • Sport Events. ABT can be effectively used at the university stadiums during competitions. Information about the teams, players, and history data can be delivered to the phones in the audience. Raffles can also be played during the game breaks.
  • Raffles, Games, Quizzes. Various entertainment games and fundraising events can be conducted in various formats. The SONA format can include the user response.
  • Public Service Announcements. Play the SONA's audio code silently, without interrupting the flow of the announcement, and provide information about the event or safety guidance in case of emergency.


Snippets recorded in foreign languages can be used in cultural and educational exchanges in the framework of the national and international network of university and college radio stations, UNYSON. The concept of the UNYSON radio network is described elsewhere.



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