SONAD delivers Sonas selectively to single phones anywhere in the world or to groups of co-located phones simultaneously, by using our unique sound or QR codes. The technology is straightforward in concept and simple in use.


SONAD is designed to package and deliver multimedia content to phones, concurrently with traditional messaging. The key element of SONAD platform is the Sona, an innovative content package. Sonas are seamlessly embedded into the programming stream, with no interference.

Sonas can contain digital information in any format; it may help to envision a vitamin capsule

that contains a mix of healthy and useful ingredients.

  • Our Sonas carry information as units ("capsules") including multiple files and documents in different digital formats. Once the Sona is delivered to a phone, all of the information can be instantly reviewed, played, and downloaded.


  • Sonas can also be used for getting feedback from an individual or group via questionnaires, voting, polls, and group games. Importantly, results and responses are instantly quantifiable.


  • Transmitting unlimited amounts of diverse information to groups of people gathered in one place simultaneously, has never been this easy.


  • SONAD stores the Sonas users receive in the app's “History” folder, with minimal space requirements. Sonas are "live" - they can be updated at any time by the content providers, to keep information current.

What makes SONAD unique in the field of digital content delivery?

SONAD treats your personal privacy with extreme care. Therefore, we never ask our app users for any information they would not wish to make public. Our app does not process or analyze the statistics of any individual user, nor does it transmit such data to third parties.


To download and try SONAD in action, visit the Apple Store or Google Play.


Ready to create your own Sona and share it with your friends or clients? Do it here!


Questions? Visit our Q&A page, or contact us – we are happy to hear from you!

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