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* unyson; noun (SONAD Dictionary). Do something in unyson (as a group; social science) – act, think, live in harmony while preserving individuality

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An International Network

of University Radio Stations


Thousands of university and college radio stations entertain and inform tens of millions of students over the globe, around the clock, all speaking different languages and, internationally, catering to different cultures… and all existing as islands, completely unaware of each other.


Huge resources and unmeasurable human talent are invested in designing and airing the programs, each only to be heard by the students of relatively small community.


Will the modern radio take a challenge and find a way for helping millions and millions of students to share, and exchange information about their educational, social, campus lives, and other experiences, forming a world-wide student community? An ambitious undertaking, to say the least!


WUSB, a Stony Brook University’s radio station in New York may serve a base to create and coordinate the UNYSON project in cooperation with SONAD.



UNYSON is an international network of cooperating college and university radio stations engaged in air time exchange and intra-network interaction. Exchange includes live and pre-recorded programming content covering all aspects of student world:  education, social and campus life, and entertainment.


The Augmented Broadcasting platform based on SONAD technology will enrich the content and delivery opportunities for the UNYSON network, and help in establishing connections between individual students.


The UNYSON philosophy of program exchange, enhanced by SONAD’s augmented broadcasting can be directly transferred to nonprofit radio stations, enriching experience of their listeners and transforming them into an integrated social and cultural community.



The UNYSON programming may include:


• One-for-one Swap. Swapping limited-duration fragments of programs, giving the listeners short excursions: a full swap where the home program is substituted by the counterpart’s program on both sides: station-to-station swap.


• One-to-many Broadcast. Running a live or pre-recorded program at the home radio station AND streaming/airing it over internet in real time on multiple radio stations.


• Live or pre-recorded classes on literature, foreign language, information and social exchanges, talk shows, campus events, etc.


• Quizzes and opinion polls run by radio stations participating in UNYSON network.


• International college competitions on air.

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UNYSON Student Universe!



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