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What is Sonad?

SONAD changes the shopping landscape by providing a real time augmented-reality shopping experience in a single app. In contrast, existing apps from different businesses and retailers clutter users’ phones while providing only minimal interactivity.


On your smartphone and tablet, SONAD works across platforms while you watch TV, listen to the radio in your car, at home, or in the office, as you shop in a mall, store and showroom, or attend a public event - you will never again miss an exclusive deal or important information: SONAD saves the information on your smartphone.




• Use SONAD to make purchases in response to ads played on TV and radio

• Respond to radio/TV shows, sale channels, and podcasts in real time


Leisure and Communications (Social Hub):


• Launch Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, all from the same SONAD screen

• Create an “electronic business card” or SPak personalized by the audio barcode sounding as your favorite song or tune,  and exchange your SPak with your friends, colleagues, or business clients

• Request help in case of emergency


SONAD helps TV and radio networks and retail stores to advertise and interact directly with consumers by using its proprietary audio barcode technology.


• Broadcast ads in-store at no cost

• Create a second-screen experience for radio listeners

• Double-load radio and TV bandwidth

• Leverage cross-platform advertising

• Collect analytics on audience engagement

• Test ads and promotions in real time


SONAD is an exciting and new tool that allows advertisers to get in front of their audience at the same time they are exposed to TV or radio ads. As advertisers, we always strive to reach consumers across multiple touch points to reinforce the message, and SONAD is a great, and measureable way to do that.” Jennifer Lieberman, Digital Director, Solutions Marketing



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