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SONAD WUSB-90.1 FM Project Plan

Promote Use of SONAD on SBU WUSB-90.1 FM Radio Station


Items (1) through (6) are included in the WFP plan for Spring 2019.

1.Develop a pitch deck for using SONAD at the SBU WUSB-90.1 FM radio station. Include coordination and interface with other SONAD projects in the MBA Program.

2. Create sample SONAs supporting the pitch deck and demonstration.

3. Make a demo/presentation for the WUSB-90.1 FM  radio station administration and propose testing SONAD in various area of the radio station programming.

4. Develop a SONAD Testing Program and design SONAs necessary for its implementation. Utilize the SONAD Augmented Broadcasting™ technology in the various areas of the testing program.

5. Initiate the SONAD Testing Program at the WUSB-90.1 FM radio station in one selected area of application.

6. Propose SONAD app modifications based on the testing.

7. Continue SONAD Testing Program in remaining areas.

Project Elements

Project milestones, Progress and Accomplishments


1. SONAD WUSB-90.1 FM Team is assembled.

2. First Information meeting - February 19, 2019. Decision: work with on-site stores in cooperation with the WUSB radio station. Discuss details at the Second information meeting.

3. Second Information meeting was held on February 27, 2019.


1. Local Stores

a. Make a list

b. Develop signs to display on walls

c. Random give-aways

d. Great deals

e. Use PA system and/or micro-radios

f. Use “Premium” feature (ad shown automatically after app download)

g. One code – instantly changing content

2. Radio

a. Announce deals and promotions and send SONAs

b. Make SONAs for their own promotions

c. Run polls, raffles

d. Promote their own sponsors

e. Create a program “Campus Life”. Run it at Noon and 6 PM. Events, sports, clubs, info, raffles, prizes, performances, classes, emergencies (throughout the day), etc.

Implementation Elements and Techniques


1. Introduce SONAD testing program and its benefits to the students.

2. Design and place SONAD-download posters throughout the campus.

3. Use printed materials (brochures, posters) on the campus.

4. SONAs for each of the SONAD application testing areas including text, guides, and links to info & multi-media.

5. Contextualize SONAs and run them in sync with the radio station programs.

6. Create SONAs providing campus safety/emergency instructions.

7. Play selected SONAs silently or contextualized, with prior short announcements.

8. SONA: Personalized chance bonuses to SONAD users and radio station listeners.

9. Communications and announcements to SONAD users and radio station listeners.

10. Personalized SONA: create SONAs designed for specific SONAD users.

11. Promote Actionable Business Cards utilizing the “ABOUT ME” SONAD app feature.

12. Organize campus-wide competitions using the ZiPPR Fleet game.

13. entertainment elements for SONAD users/radio station listeners.

14. Interlace SONAs with different program streams: news, talk shows, music, announcements,  polls, games.

15. Utilize unique content distribution (when implemented in the SONAD app).



Categories below provide a tentative list of possible SONAD applications.


1. Branding/promotion of SONAD.

2. SONAD Augmented Broadcasting™.

3. Fundraising programs.

4. SBU and community information.

5. Promotion of sponsors.

6. Entertainment.




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