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   ZiPPR Mining Expedition

Relax as you watch TV or listen to music, ponder over something abstract, solve a problem, or on a break. The gentle movements of your phone is all you need to guide a "soft" colorful eraser-brush revealing pictures randomly selected from your collections of pictures – art, nature, abstract, photos, etc. As the brush moves, it reveals the pictures hiding behind the Force Shield in the starry sky.



Mine sonacoins while crisscrossing the Y2Z Galaxy in ZiPPR space ship



You are traveling in the ZiPPR space ship on a sonacoin mining expedition through the Y2Z galaxy full of Black, Green and Red Gravity Holes.














                Black Hole, Deep-2                                Green Hole, Deep-5                                Red Hole, Deep-20


The gravity holes are covered by a Force Shield that only ZiPPR can erase while crisscrossing the space. Luck and persistence will get you the sonacoins minted in the Black, Green and Red Holes. Common with all currencies, the value of sonacoins is a complex function of incomprehensible inter-galactic economics. Helpfully, the sonacoins can also be used by ZiPPR space ship as a zero-emission, 100% efficient green fuel.



















From time to time you travel back and cash your sonacoins in the earthy currency and then go back pulled by the gravity of the holes and love for the excitement of mining. You will have to get used to the binary system used in the Y2Z galaxy. It is especially challenging when you are paying a sum of say 7,845 sonas in cash using actual sonacoins…


During the expedition, ZiPPR will keep you close to the world you left by displaying see the pictures from the Earth that are also hidden by the Force Shield you will be erasing by your space ship.



Some science behind the ZiPPR spaceship. It follows the laws of physics, both classical and quantum. Most of the time it follows the Newtonian laws, and moves following the engine’s thrust, gravitational pull and the friction of the space dust that is proportional to the speed squared. Simple enough. Please keep this in mind when destroying the force shield: slowing down the zippr will help you to be precise when you are wiping off the small specs of the shield.



As you play, every time SONAD picks up an audio code played on radio or TV you will get tons of sonacoins, even more that what you get by diving into the Red Hole!



Our spot observations show that the gentle movements controlling the zippr’s movement as it uncovers the pictures gets the player into a relaxed mode and, as we anticipate may even help in improving the eye-hand coordination and prediction capabilities. Importantly, we saw that small children enjoyed playing ZiPPR and so all those benefits would apply to them directly.



• Sonacoin – Y2Z currency

• ZiPPR – space ship fueled by sonacoins

• Black, Green, Red Gravity Holes containing sonacoins

• Black Hole has the strongest gravity pull and is easiest to discover. It yields two sonacoins per dive.

• Green Hole has medium gravity pull and yields five sonacoins per dive.

• Red Hole has the weakest gravity pull and is most difficult to discover; it yields 20 sonacoins per dive.


A stand-alone version of ZiPPR will be available from the app stores, while its free full-feature version will be an integral part of the SONAD app.

Check out the demo and figure out what picture is hiding behind the Force Shield.

Download SONAD and enjoy ZiPPR hands-on (coming soon)!

Enjoy ZiPPR and leave your comments & "likes" on Facebook.



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